Tooth Fairy on Brink of Bankruptcy

The economy is bad these days, and budgets are tight. Everyone is cutting back on extras -- for families of small kids, this can mean an end to take out food, new toys, and Saturday night baby sitters.

But has the Tooth Fairy felt the crunch at your house?

According to an article in the Telegraph, Tooth Fairy payouts have fallen in the UK in the past six months, from an average of just over $2.00 to just over $1.50. Of course, that's still more than most of us got for our teeth, all those years ago. I seem to recall being excited about finding a quarter under my pillow. I guess the Tooth Fairy wasn't so generous in the 1970s.

Dr Nigel Carter, chief executive of the British Dental Health Foundation, was optimistic about the Tooth Fairy's financial situation, though. "Hopefully the tooth fairy can weather the current economic climate and we'll see her return to top form soon."

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[via parentdish]

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