Top Five Bizarre Accidents

In recent years, people around the world have injured themselves in some rather surprising ways. This list is what I consider the top five strangest accidents that people have had.

Bouncy Castle Blown Away With People inside It

A 5-year-old girl and her 22-month-old sister were inside a bouncy castle in Sahuarita, Arizona, when strong winds lifted the castle up into the air and carried it away.

The ride had been rented by the girls' parents. Apparently they had been warned of possible dangers of high winds on the release form they signed, but had never actually read the paperwork when they signed it.

The girls suffered only minor injuries.

Man Ties Himself to Scaffolding Then Throws It to the Ground

For safety, whilst working on the 4th floor of the county jail annex, a 24-year-old construction worker tied himself to a piece of scaffolding. He later forgot that he was attached to the scaffolding, and threw it towards the ground. He was pulled down by the piece of scaffolding, causing him to land on top of it, piercing both his legs.

Teacher Tells Students to Tape Him to Wall

As part of a school fund-raising event, a physics teacher told his students to duct tape him to a wall. However, since duct tape doesn't “breathe”, the teacher overheated and lost consciousness. He later said, "I had some fantastic dreams while I was out." Doctors advised that the teacher would have died if the students hadn't acted promptly and removed the tape.

Man Shoots Himself in the Shoulder Twice

In 2001, a Pennsylvania man was curious to find out what it would feel like to be hit by a bullet, so he shot himself in the shoulder with a gun! An ambulance raced to his house, for what was actually the second time, to treat his new gunshot wound. Explaining why he had shot himself on two separate occasions, the man said, “I wanted to see if it hurt as much as it did the first time."

Man Mistakes Sharks for Dolphins

On a Florida beach in 1999, a man was fishing with his friends when he saw fins moving around in the water. “Dolphins!” he excitedly thought, before jumping into the water to swim with them. However, the fins turned out to belong to sharks. His friends managed to fish him out of the water, and he was treated at hospital for shark bites.

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