Oops! Weirdest Accidents

Nothing is as fascinating as an unexplained accident

New batch of strange mis-happenings, weird situations, and often maddeningly mysterious wrecks, where we keep asking ourselves: "How on earth could that happen?"

Are you in a huge hurry? Drive your car straight into the subway (just make sure it can fit in some tight places):

(images sent in by: B.E. de Jong)

Car (involuntary) acrobatics:

Surprise! Say a little prayer, thanking your windshield:

The "flying" manhole lids could also present a problem:

A giant fork falling out of the sky? Well, an urban art, actually:
("Royal de Luxe" visiting Iceland, more info)

This guy may cause some serious accidents. I hope he realizes that -

How do you get a truck in this position?

Maarten Dijkstra sends us this picture: "A delivery truck in the city of Leiden, Holland, had a brake failure and rolled into the canal" -

(image credit: Maarten Dijkstra)

What happened here? Maybe the trailer had one wheel too many? -

(image credit: EnglishRussia)

Sunk... or Buried!

Who says cars only travel on solid surfaces? They are equally adept navigating on sand, water, ice or snow - or at least they are trying to... Really hard, judging from these pictures:

(image credit: EnglishRussia)

Oh, the sense of impending sinking! This car is doomed -

The following picture was sent to us by Edo Engel. He says: "During the night, a major water pipe below the pavement cracked. Since the soil in our area is sandy, the sand was flushed away through the pipe quite easily, creating an ever expanding cavity" -

More sinkholes:

Why is this car so dirty? -

Idiot Parking

These guys couldn't even park a bicycle, it seems:

You might have seen this picture before - but it's worth another look: this seems simply impossible -

Similarly masterful parking can be observed here:

Heavy machinery can end up in a heavy, heavy trouble

This happened in Norilsk, Siberia:

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