Hitmen Posting Their Services on Craigslist

Craigslist is probably the best resource for finding local people who do things that you need taken care of, whether they be mowing lawns, hauling away old appliances, or watching your kids (if you're brave). According to a report in London's Telegraph, the latest types of ads to show up on the site are giving a whole new angle "taking care of" things, with Mexican hitmen advertising their services on the site.

The purported professional killers are offering their services for as little as $6,000, and are pledging traditional service agreements like "job guaranteed in 10 days or less" and "I am 100 per cent professional and don't charge in advance." With offers like that, you seemingly can't go wrong -- except that you're committing a horrible deed and setting yourself up for a potentially long time in jail.

Given this is Mexico, though, you may not have to worry about that last issue. The Mexican police system is overwhelmed with drug-related crimes and has little time to investigate the estimated 1,000 - 1,700 murders that will occur in Mexico this year. We're guessing that's a market Craig Newmark didn't have in mind when he founded the site.

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[via The Telegraph]

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