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Jon Boy

BREAK THE SILENCE is a non-profit organization whose basis and foundation came from first-hand knowledge and experience that inpatient safety is not always provided to those in need of protection. Although we all assume - and have the right to expect - that we and our loved ones will be kept safe while inpatients at hospitals and treatment centers, that is not always the case. Often, understaffing, a break-down in care-givers' communication and accountability, or a facility's reliance upon an established and predictable daily routine leads to cracks in a system through which patients can and do fall. "False senses of security" often develop within the organizational structures of such organizations which leaves them open to tragic consequences: the loss of human life. Furthermore, licensing and monitoring of many of these facilities, hospitals and programs by State Health Departments is often loose and infrequent. Standards of Care are not assessed and revised to meet the current needs of the patient census. Hospital/treatment facility advertising and marketing claims are not regulated or monitored by any federal or state agency, nor are there any advertising and/or consumer protection standards established with which these facilities must comply. Thus, there is a desperate need for a watch-dog organization like BREAK THE SILENCE. That is why they are there.

You can get more info over at Break the Silence.

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