Super Secret Recipes from Major US Restaurants

This directory has the secret recipes from dozens of major US restaurant chains like Applebee's, KFC, McDonald's, and Taco Bell. Not sure I'd want to actually cook any of this garbage, but the listing is pretty cool.

Although, there are some that really interest me- Mrs. Fields Cookies, Outback Steakhouse Deserts, Chilis Dinner menu items, and my all time favorite restaurant food, The Jack Daniels glaze sauce over the New York Strip Steak! I only go to T.G.I Fridays for the JD Glaze... and now I have the recipe!

The list is really endless, so I willing to bet you'll find a food you'll want to make at home.

Check it out here, and you might want to copy and paste the recipe off of the internet because its only a matter of time before its taken down. You can also find other secret recipes here.

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