You have one minute to impress your future husband/wife

Will WooMe Woo Thee Towards Online Dating?

~CHecK oUT mY FRee WeBcaM!~

No thanks, Fembot.

Online-dating sites, while fun and successful for those in the know, can be very daunting to your average, not-so-computer-savvy individual. Getting lost in the sea of PC-murdering spam and creepy come-hithers when looking for a date online is quite simple when you don’t have a clue what to do.

What gives, internet?

Bridging the gap between the informal, formal and humorous is WooMe, an intuitive way to meet people online in a more interactive fashion.

The premise is simple: WooMe throws users right into the deep-end first, meeting one person via webcam a minute - yes, a minute. A rapid-fire chat session with each person is done with keywords picked by the user; ask them about their likes and dislikes through their default subjects to see if you’re compatible with them. After five one-minute sessions you can choose to contact the user of your interest for a dollar - yes, a dollar.

WooMe is speed-dating at its finest - but it’s not limited to flash-in-the-pan romances, either. Users can utilize WooMe’s webcam system to meet friends, travel buddies and whatnot. Seeing that it’s a beta I would recommend using it now before all the slimeballs catch on, solicit minors, get involved in a scandal that plays out on national television and ruins the fun for us well-adjusted adventurous types.

As of today WooMe works only on Pacific Time. So if you’re on the east coast (or in any other time-zone for that matter) plan on reworking your schedule to give it a proper try.


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