We Knew This Was Going To Happen: iPhone Equipped Passenger Takes On Flight Crew Over Weather

So I am sure I am not the only one to have seen the newish iPhone commercial where the pilot or whatever pulls out his iPhone and tells a story about how he avoided a 3 hour delay by looking at the weather on his iPhone. Well, lets suffice it to say that commercials are about as fictional as cartoons, so you shouldn’t believe everything you hear.

Sure enough, some jackass with an iPhone gets notice that his plane is landing at a different airport due to delays caused by bad weather. And what does he do? Exactly what he saw on the commercial, he picks up his iPhone, checks the weather, determines the coast is clear, and relays the message to a flight attendant.

The flight attendant then relays the message to the captain over the PA. That’s when the captain hits that pretentious prick with nugget of epic proportions:

“If the passenger with the IPhone would be kind enough to use it to check the weather at our alternate, calculate our fuel burn due to being rerouted around the storms, call the dispatcher to arrange our release, and then make a phone call to the nearest Air Traffic Control center to arrange our timely departure amongst the other aircraft carrying passengers with IPhones, then we will be more than happy to depart. Please ring your call button to advise the Flight Attendant and your fellow passengers when you deem it ready and responsible for this multi-million dollar aircraft and its passengers to safely leave.”

BAM! I really don’t think that guy will ever say anything again, in fact, I bet he sold his iPhone, same day.

[via slashgear]

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