Google gas pumps: the savior of lost men

Soon, you will never have to admit that you're lost and suffer the humiliation of asking for directions. Google is expected to announce a partnership today with Gilbarco Veeder-Root, to include Google's mapping service on 3,500 Internet enabled gasoline pumps across the US. The maps will be available on the pump's small screen giving motorists the ability to scroll through local landmarks, hotels, restaurants, and hospitals to the bemusement of the guy waiting behind you. The pump will even print directions. The service is said to be ad-free but will offer coupons -- that sounds a lot like advertising to us. Look for the gPumps to arrive courtesy of that Encore S rig pictured above.

Why didn't anyone think of this before? Like 10 years ago? Well now that I have an iPhone, it's pretty much useless to me. But to anyone who doesn't have an iPhone this may be the best thing since sliced turkey.

Congrats Google, your now in our life that much more.

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