20 Photographs Taken at the Exact Right Angle

Juxtaposition 2

They say timing is everything, but some photographs (such as these) become brilliant or hilarious because both the timing and the angle work out just right. Sometimes this means catching people or objects lined up perfectly at the ideal moment. Other times these are staged for maximum effect. Here are 20 examples of photos taken at the exact right angle.

Distance Illusion 4

Distance Illusion 1

Distance Illusion 5

Distance Illusion 6

Distance Illusion 3

Distance Illusion 2

Illusions of Distance: These can be anything from poetic to comedic or even crass, as the above images demonstrate. Almost always such shots are staged, but sometimes in public you might catch just the right elements in alignment to create an accidental masterpiece of art or humor.

Humorous Closeup 10

Humorous Closeup 9

Humorous Closeup 8

Humorous Closeup 7

Humorous Closeup 3

Humorous Closeup 6

Humorous Closeup 2

Impossible People and Animals: these can be silly or sublime, depending upon the subject, but almost inevitably result in a confused double-take. We all know what people can and can’t do, how they are built, what the limits of the human body are, yet some images challenge the brain and create illusions.

Humorous Closeup 1

Juxtaposition 1

Intentional Overlap 1

Inteional Overlap 2

Humorous Closeup 4

The Art of Juxtaposition: a set of objects, people and/or animals behaving normally independently can take on a new life entirely when properly juxtaposed in a picture. What might seem like very ordinary behavior, from grabbing a magazine to stretching for a job, can take on a new and strange meaning when captured on film from just the right angle.

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