Sweat-Flavored Soda on the Way

Jones Soda offers NFL fans the taste of victory, field turf...

Have you ever watched your favorite NFL team and thought to yourself, "I wonder what their locker room tastes like?" The creative team at Jones Soda Co. is thinking Seattle Seahawks fans have, and has designed a few new sodas that will offer its drinkers just such a taste experience as Perspiration and Dirt.

Seattle-based Jones Soda began taking online pre-orders yesterday for its new soda flavors that it thinks accurately reflects the hard work of professional football players. I don't know about you ... but I have personally never watched football and found myself wondering what the players' sweat would smell like, much less taste like. But if by some chance you have found yourself obsessed with not knowing the taste of such things, you are in luck!

Welcome to the world of Perspiration soda. According to company spokeswoman Clare Bowles, the new Perspiration brand soda is "kind of salty tasting," and perhaps even more tempting to your taste buds, it has a "stinky football sock" finish. Wow ... my prayers have been answered!!! I never would have dreamed that my desire for a drink with a stinky football sock aftertaste would be fulfilled.

What do you think? Would you buy a soda called Dirt? What about Perspiration? I wonder if Jones Soda is going to try to compliment its Sweet Victory flavor with a new one called Bitter Defeat. Would make sense I suppose.

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