Freeze your email message up to 100 years

Want to remind yourself to do something 5 years from now? Or do you want to send an email to your grand kids when their all grown up and your 6 feet under and really freak them out?

Enter Mail Freezr... a service, which saves your email and will deliver it to your recipient through given number of years. Imagine the pleasure for your folks to receive a message from you written a hundred years ago, when your 6 six feet under.

Write about your feelings, declare your love, confess in something...

You shouldn't worry that a paper can deteriorate, that ink can fade or that a letter can be just lost among other papers...

Now all you need to do is send that email to that special someone and set it up through this service to have them receive it 10, 50 or 100 years from now.

Curious? Check it out here

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