Vick Removed From Madden ‘08 Game

As the Atlanta Falcons' quarterback, Michael Vick was perhaps the best player in the EA Sports Madden video game. He had great speed and great arm strength, and although the real Vick often made poor decisions when reading defenses, in a video game his decisions are as good as the player's.

But Vick isn't in the Madden video game anymore. EA Sports removed him from the Madden 08 roster update, which makes sense, as EA Sports prides itself on having the exclusive rights to real NFL rosters, and Vick is not on an NFL roster.

On the other hand, if you're a Madden player, the game just lost some of its fun. Three of the past four Madden Challenge National Champions have used the Falcons because, even though the Falcons aren't the best team overall, a skilled Madden player can use Vick's talents in a way that exceeds those of any other player.

Because of his skills as a run/pass threat, Titans quarterback Vince Young may now become the game's most popular player, in addition to its cover boy.


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