Sony Ericsson Gaming Chief Says PlayStation Phone Coming By "Christmas"

This is crazy.... As others have said, why not just put a phone into the PSP...

The Sony Ericsson gaming boss, Peter Ahnegard, said that a PlayStation-branded gaming phone would be coming by Christmas. He also added that it might not be this Christmas, which probably pissed whoever he was talking to off to no end. Sony Ericsson, who've already branded their W-line of phones the Walkman line, the K-line of phones the Cyber-shot line, and some random Japanese line the Bravia line, can easily brand another line (G, maybe, since P is taken) the PlayStation line. It doesn't even need games other than the mobile ones that already exist for their cellphones, which run just fine on SE's higher-end hardware.

[Via: Gizmodo]

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