Lazy Home Depot Employees Declare Fully Functioning Saw Inoperative

Okay, so I have witness this first hand my self. In my case the Home Depot employees put up a sign very similar to this one...

What's really funny is that all Home Depot employees in seemingly every store pretty much write in the same font..(I've been to Home Depot's in several states...) Anyway in my case and in the case of the story I am linking to, we both know this is bullshit because after I glanced at the actual sign in the store, a Home Depot employee came over and offered to cut my 4x4's. Now what is also funny in my case is that Home Depot has a strict policy on not cutting any 4x4's yet they did it for me anyway. So the saw went from "not working" to sure I'll cut those 4x4's for you. I want to point out that it was nice that the Home Depot employee did offered to cut my 4x4 wood when there was a sign saying "Do Not Cut 4x4's on this machine", but why did the saw "start working" for me on and for others it was "not working"? Has anyone else seen this sign up in your store?

You can check out the other story here.

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